Te acordàs de TOTO?

Gran Banda,bah por lo menos para quien esto escribe.
Ok,les habìa perdido el rastro,( negocios familiares,algùn escandalo,cosas menores).Hasta que me llegò gracias a la mulita, este disco.
Es uno de Covers,dedicado a Jeff Porcaro ,( un terrible baterista ya desaparecido lamentablemente),y està sencillamente genial.
Paich,es un productor ( ademàs del pianista de la Banda) y se nota muchisimo su aporte.Bob Kimball,el vocalista de antaño ( Rosana,Hold The Line.) ha vuelto por suerte al rebaño.
Lukather,un guitarrista poco apreciado pero a lo que èl no le debe dar mucha importancia por suerte.,Porcaro un bajista exquisito ( con papas a la crema sabe mucho mejor) y El baterista Simon Phillips,que jamàs tocarà con Mariano Mores,que pone lo que tiene que poner.
Elvis Costello,George Harrison,Stevie Wonder,Herbie Hancock ( muy buena la versiòn de Maiden Voyage!),Elton John,Bob Marley....bah!

Porque no lo bajàs y me dejàs de molestar???


Blogger Juan said...

Como no me voy a acodar de Toto!!
A pesa de tener 24 años los conozco y son una masa.

Africa un temazo!!



"El Blog de Juancho"

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1 - Go towards the meals court. Feel it or not, the meals court could be the absolute preferred site while in the local mall to satisfy a toddler. Here's what you do. Choose a meals position and get in line for your meal. Even though you could be in line, look all around the location where exactly anyone is sitting down and eating. Look and feel for a female sitting down alone, and even two ladies seated together. When you might have your meal in hand, walk around to in which she or they're sitting and ask if it is possible to join them. If you're honest and straightforward with them, your odds are very superior.

2- Do some considering. In advance of you even look at heading to the mall to satisfy a young lady, sit oneself down and do some major pondering. Start thinking about how you could possibly meet up with a young lady and what you might say to her if you are usually effective. Take into account which parts from the shopping mall you would visit. Also, you're about to ought to acquire some thing whereas there, what do you would like? As a final point, keep in mind what meeting a woman in a public destination entails. Certainly you can really have to glimpse to get a wedding ring ahead of speaking to some woman, and you can must give consideration to if it's wiser to speak to some girl alone or a single who is with other people. Eventually, you're likely to have to get sensible about your own age along with the ages of a toddler you would like to meet. As in, you may have got to tell on your own to become reasonable and do not attempt to satisfy girls which have been a good deal younger or older than you could be, or that take a look out of the league.

3 - Request assistance. Once that you're last but not least on the mall, just one associated with the means to satisfy women is by asking them for benefit. Ladies realize that guys have no idea what they are really undertaking once they are buying, so asking for assist won't seem this kind of a ridiculous notion. Ask for boost in picking out a jacket for your self for instance. Working on so let's the woman know that you just are single. If she agrees to aid you, find out her other questions as you grab many jackets to try on.

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